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Is Renovating Your Home Worth It?

So many folks ask me if it’s worth while. I’m always happy to help you with this question!

Open House Etiquette

Need to use the rest room? Want to take a photo? Need to sit for a moment?? What is acceptable when visiting an Open House??

2nd Annual Ipswich’s Favorite Home Art Contest!

Get the details here!   Second annual Ipswich’s Favorite Home Art Contest

Community Events

Ukulele Melee 2016

Ukulele Union of Boston

Schedule Draft 12-1 Open Mic: kiyoshi’s band(15m), String Jam, Jeff, Elisabeth, Caroline, Rick, Strum Along 1-1:45Workshops (TJ-blues, Rich - Latin, Jeff- rock and roll, Danno?) performance? 1:45- 2:45 Open Mic: Rock and Roll Workshop...

Polo Everyone! (C.G. Rice Cup) - Myopia Polo Club - Hamilton, MA

North Shore Social (NSS)

I only horses that I know are the ones that I bet on at Suffolk. That did not work out too well. Time for some uppercrust culture! C.G. Rice Cup is on tap for the day. Myopia Polo holds the distinction of being...



I will be making reservations for breakfast at Ipswich Inn, so if you sign up, please make sure you will be there. Let’s go for a relaxing breakfast at The Ipswich Inn.  I’m told they have “the best breakfast” in Ipswich.  You can look...

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Denise Mootafian Windhill Realty - This info about local home sales is especially interesting in this crazy seller's market...

Windhill Realty - Ipswich, Massachusetts

Ipswich Homes Are Selling For HOW MUCH$?

2 weeks ago

Denise Mootafian Windhill Realty - Thinking of Newburyport??

Newburyport Macaroni Kid

#Newburyport is "NOT just a summer tourist destination." But we knew that already ;-)

2 weeks ago

Denise Mootafian Windhill Realty - Downtown housing changes...

Video of 48 Market Street Development

Architects showed a video of 48 Market Street to show what the proposed apartment building would look like. New building would be behind the house.

2 weeks ago

Denise Mootafian Windhill Realty - Join me this Monday at 5:30pm at the Ipswich Ale Brewery to see how networking locally can improve your business in our community and surrounding areas! Just RSVP So that I know you are coming. Private message or just comment below! To check out our website, just click this link http://www.ipswichli ...Read More

1 month ago